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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday June 14, 2020 Detroit Public Schools Educational Supports related to Detroit Students with Special Needs and DPS Covid-19 updates

Below is a list of articles related to special needs students in the Detroit Public School System  and students across Michigan.

Detroit Public Schools Covid-19 updates:




Detroit Public Schools Special Education Supports

‘We have kiddos regressing’: What shuttered schools mean for students with disabilities in Michigan" By

Jan 2020;  By Rochelle Riley: CHILDREN IN CRISIS

Mich. kids are going to school traumatized — and teachers lack training, resources to help

Article mentions students being forced into Special Education classes.

June 14 2020 Detroit Public Schools Students' Literacy Lawsuit

Below is the latest news on the Detroit Public
School Students' Literacy lawsuit that was filed in 2016.

April 23, 2020 Michigan Radio "Federal Appeals Court sides with Detroit public school students in "literacy" lawsuit",of%20Detroit's%20worst%20performing%20schools.

Sunday June 14, 2020 Proposed mass water shut off in Detroit on June 20, 2020

Please share: Important Detroit Water Shutoff and Covid 19 info. #TurnWaterOn #KeepWaterOn #MakeWaterAffordable

There is a proposed mass water shut-off in Detroit, MI for June 20, 2020. Information for Detroit, MI residents
A. If you live in Detroit, have water shut off, or a shut-off notice, and need water call Wayne Metro at 313 386-9727

B. If you cannot get a response from Wayne Metro call MI EGLE to report what happened at 1-800-662-9278. Note: All other cities' residents without water restoration may also call MI EGLE. If you cannot get a response from either agency
Call our We the People of Detroit emergency water hotline at 1-844-42WATER (429-2837) to report your experience

C. If you or someone you know in Detroit, MI needs emergency water due to Dept of Water and Sewerage water shut off Call our We The People of Detroit emergency water hotline at 1-844-42WATER (429-2837)

D. To make a donation for us to get water for our water stations click here:

D. Latest article from Michigan Environmental Council

Covid 19 info: Detroit, MI Coronavirus and Covid-19 cases are now up to 65.8 percent in the African American population. We urge everyone living in the city or visiting to continue to wear a mask and social distance. Other reports are now including "probable cases" numbers.