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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Aurora Harris Update: Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theater April 14, 2019 Detroit

Hello Everyone,
Please share this post. Due to the holiday break, Broadside Lotus Press Poets' Theater writing workshops will take place on April 14, 2019 (the second Sunday) 3-5 in the Grounds Coffee Haus in the lower level of the Student Union.

The Dudley Randall Center for Print Culture and Broadside Lotus Press
Presents the Poets Theater
U of D-Mercy Campus McNichols and Livernois 
Grounds Coffee House, lower level of the Student Union..

Sunday, 2/14/ 19 
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Writing Workshop from 3 - 4:30. Bring your work in progress to read and get feedback.  Also, bring a piece by your favorite poet.
Open Mic from 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Free and open to the public
Enter at the McNichols entrance. Take the road that leads to the Livernois side of the campus, the Student Union will be on your right.  

April is Poetry  Month
This month's writing prompts to choose 1 or 2 to write:
1.The Untouchable: Something that will always be out of reach
2. 7 Days, 7 Lines: Write a poem where each line/sentence is about each day of last week
3. Grandma’s Kitchen: Focus on a single memory, or describe what you might imagine the typical grandmother’s kitchen to be like
4. Taste the Rainbow: What does your favorite color taste like?
5. Misfits: How it feels when you don’t belong in a group of others.
6. Stranger Conversations: Start the first line of your poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.
7. Cold water: What feelings do you associate with cold water? Maybe it’s a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot day, or maybe you imagine the feelings associated with being plunged into the icy river in the winter.
8. Ghostwriter: Imagine an invisible ghost picks up a pen and starts writing to you.
9. Lessons From Math Class: Write about a math concept, such as “you cannot divide by zero” or never-ending irrational numbers.
10. Instagram Wall: Open up either your own Instagram account or one of a friend/celebrity and write poetry based on the first picture you see.
11. Radio: Tune in to a radio station you don’t normally listen to, and write a poem inspired by the the first song or message you hear.
Best Regards,
Aurora Harris 
Poet, Activist, Educator 
2015 "Unsung Heroes" Award- Michigan and Detroit National Lawyers Guild
2014 Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award- Peace and Justice Studies Assoc.
2012 PEN-Oakland Josephine Miles Excellence in Literature Award for
Solitude of Five Black Moons (poetry)   

Coordinating Committee Member: