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Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016 Detroit Public Schools News: No Democracy-What Will Happen to DPS' Students with Special Needs?

In the past month, there has been much news concerning the fate of Detroit Public Schools. From the House and Senate Bills to Detroit law makers not being allowed to speak in Lansing during the hearings or decision making session is a "slap in the face" as one Democrat from Detroit stated, to the "Detroit Community Schools" new district plan, as an advocate for parents with students with special needs, I'm here to say NOTHING has been discussed with parents of students with special needs about the education and fate of of those students in the "old" or "new" planned DPS District, by those who wish to "rule" over or emergency manage Detroit Public Schools. As in the past, I'm sure there will be another lawsuit or Office of Civil Rights Complaints to be filed by concerned parents. The Republicans refused the Democrats's request to have a forensic audit. They voted against it. There are videos from the Michigan Democratic Party Facebook page that shows how Detroit Democrats feel after being silenced. See all videos that show what happens to Democrats, Detroit and Highland Park MI in Lansing sessions here: