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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 9th Call to Action For Detroit Parents with Special Ed Students

This message is posted from an email.
This is a call for and from Detroit Public School community advocates to be in Lansing this Wednesday at 8:30 am for a joint hearing of the House and Senate Education committees, where Robert Bobb is scheduled to testify.
While they state that no specific legislation is before the committee, legislation could be proposed that day or shortly thereafter that affects the governance, finances and operation of DPS.
Bobb recently told the Detroit News that DPS should be governed and administered by appointees of the Mayor. We have been told that the committees will soon consider legislation to give the EFM power over academics, which would negate the Board's lawsuit against Bobb. Last year the votes were not there for such legislation; this year the votes could be there.
If such legislation is brought to the committees Wednesday, this could be our only chance to speak against it. It is therefore essential that all advocates for DPS come to Lansing to constructively educate the new legislators as to what is really going on at DPS.
We will assemble at 6:45 am at the Northwest Activities Center for car pools. Please call 368-2148 any hour day or night to let us know if you need a ride or can drive others. Please pass this message on to others.
Helen and Russ
P.S. At 3 pm that afternoon, the House education and local government committees will hold a hearing regarding Public Act 72, which governs emergency financial managers for cities and school districts. Those who can stay for that hearing should indicate that in their phone call, since that may be where the changes will be proposed.
The attached legislative bills are sponsored by Detroit Democrat David Nathan. The first two bills relate to the EFM and are referred to the Local Government committee. The third bill is referred to the Education Committee. The prospect of these bills is unknown.

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