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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Community News: Detroit School Board Case Against Robert Bobb

With permission from the writer that contributes to our Detroit Grassroots News Network. Court case document will be posted later.

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 6:38 PM, Russ Bellant wrote

Subject: Granholm/Bobb lose-Baxter decision attached
Date: Monday, December 6, 2010, 6:35 PM

Attorney Joyce Schon sent this PDF of the ruling by Judge Wendy Baxter on the Board v. Bobb suit over the division of powers. Schon one of the members of the legal team that represented the Board in this lawsuit; it should be restated that Schon, George Washington, Shanta Driver, et. al. fought this lawsuit for free, supported only by a fundraiser organized by teachers led by Luciana Simpkins last summer.
Board President Anthony Adams, who strengthened the Board's legal fight, quickly changed his work plans today to arrive at the Court to get the opinion and call for a special Board meeting for tomorrow so that the Board can begin to take immediate action. He was joined by member Carol Banks.
Joyce says that this ruling is especially significant in its critique of the market model of education imposed by Bobb on pp 33-34, which she says is the first in the nation. She called it "a serious blow to the national campaign to charterize and privatize public education. It is the first decision that recognizes the destructive market place plan to turn children to products." She called for reuniting students, parents and the community to defend public education.
Baxter upheld the legal right of Bobb to terminate parent liaisions, close schools but held that the Board has clear policy making role in academic governance and education programming. It appears that the Board's power will stop short of keeping schools open even if the closing has an adverse effect on a unique education program.
The decision does not deal with Bobb's perjury during his testimony and it is unclear which legislation she refers to in page 5. I asked two engaged state reps and they did not know either.
This decision is welcome and is not only a repudiation of Bobb but of Granholm, who encouraged, defended and rewarded Bobb for the usurpation of power he exercised in coordination with her.
Bobb wilfully ignored the law ( see pp.28 & 29), Baxter points out. Granholm was party to that unlawful activity.
The decision is silent on the restoration of appropriate staff to the control of the Board and appears (to a layman) to complicate the Board's ability to hire a Superintendent. Bobb has a search process in place for a Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer and CFO. The Board will have to review that process in light of this decision to see how much decision making Bobb should have in this matter.

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